Sponsor the Event!

This is a community, family-friendly event that is designed to bring value to our town and the non-profits we support.  It is always fun and well received by the immediate community and the visitors that come to see us.  If you are interested in being affiliated with this and other events, please feel free to contact us via email at info@gotoguide.net or by phone at 518-892-1479.

Didn’t get a chance to get a kilt? You and your stylish friends can get them post race from JWalking Designs​ and STILL USE the KiltRun discount code for 15% off (until May 31).


A Kilt – worn as a show of strength and stamina with significance.  A pattern and plaid unites a group of individuals who stand together – and run together – as one.  Our lightweight Running Kilts aim to make those who dare to wear comfortable.  Made in the USA out of eco-friendly fabric (84% recycled plastic bottles, to keep them lightweight, and 16% Spandex to keep their shape), Our Running Kilts are flexible, fashionable and washable (which makes it great after an obstacle and mud run!) And, with their large, secure pockets – three for our women and one for our men – they are also functional! Note: while our women’s kilts do have sewn-in shorts, our men’s kilt does not have shorts underneath (the eternal question answered).



We are very excited to announce that Slyer Photography will be at our event taking photographs of each runner and the after party. These photos will be available on their website for purchase.

Visit the Slyer Image Photography website and view their fantastic gallery of images.

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