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Thanks for visiting – we had a great event and it’s thanks to you that it happened!

The team at Uncle Martys would like to pause and reflect fondly on the events of this weekend. Whenever we have an event, it always surprises us at the generosity and grace under pressure that our vendors, staff, customers and townspeople possess. So, let the “thank you’s” begin…

Thank you to our wait staff for being professional even if you didn’t always want to be. Thank you for not complaining about the cold, missing tickets, empty ketchup and the slew of requests. As always, you handled yourself with dignity and you should be proud of yourselves.

Thank you to our kitchen for getting the food out hot and delicious. It was a long day and you guys did herculean job of feeding Sand Lake (and some folks from Colorado, Puerto Rico and the Bronx) without nary a hiccup. THANK YOU.

Thank you to our friend Holli who was the very special person behind the entire race event. She tirelessly worked on making the event go off without a hitch. There really isn’t enough we can say or do for our friend who is an amazing leader, organizer and psychiatrists in times of complete chaos. Thank you Holli and thank you to your family for letting us borrow you for the day (OK,the month, but who is counting?).

And, Cindy Pitts – thank you for helping in ways that we cannot even appreciate. Your contribution made it all possible

THANK YOU to the volunteers that helped with the race – WOW! You gave of your time and I know every participant in the race appreciated your efforts. It could not, would not have happened without you. We hope you walked away with as good of an experience as our runners did.

Thank you to Jeff Liberty, DJ extraordinaire who kept the music playing and the crowd happy. Thank you to the Stray Dogs, Back 40 Band, and Blue Factory for putting on the great show you always do.

Thank you to our runners who braved the chilly morning to make the event “an event”. Your costumes were priceless and your performance was to be admired. Of course, thank you to Josh Foust, Ryan Buff, Jill Buff, Anne Kubasiack for being excellent and taking home the medals.

Thank you to Dar, Dawn and that guy in the funny wig for helping with contests and pictures.

Thank you to the town, the State Troopers and our neighbors for allowing us the priviliedge of bringing this event to our area.

And thank you most of all to our customers who came and enjoyed all of our hard work with us. Thank you for sharing the day and thank you for having a great time while respecting the people around you and the facility. Thank you – when the bills are paid, and Marty digs the tents out of the woods, you will leave us with what is the most important thing of all – great memories from yet another very special day.

Until the next time we break bread with one another – we wish you good health and good fortune.

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